The 20-10 Test

Take the 20-10 test to determine whether or not you’re living your magic life. What is the 20-10 test? The 20-10 test, courtesy of Jim Collins, author of the best selling book Good to Great, consists of two simple, yet very powerful questions:

1. If you inherited $20 million today, would you spend your days the same way you spend them now?
2. If you knew that you had only ten years left to live, would you stick with your current job or career?

As you answer these questions, you’re probably thinking, “Of course my life would change if I inherited $20 million, and if I only had ten years left on this earth, I would definitely quit my job; I would travel immediately to three or four destinations that I have always dreamed of visiting.”

With $20 million dollars you could pursue each and every imaginable interest – interests that are far from your present reality. However, you don’t need that kind of money to live your magic life.

It’s very easy to become stuck in a job, relationship, or situation that is so boring that you wonder how you got there. As difficult as it may seem to dig yourself out of such a ditch, you have the power to do it. The trick is to think of the 20-10 test and then apply the answers to your life in small doses. For example, instead of traveling to all four of your dream destinations immediately, choose one and make it your objective to visit it in the next two years. Don’t let anything get in the way of your objective. If you said that you would use your last ten years to become more active in community service, start doing so by volunteering a few hours a month to make a difference. The activities that you believe would be rewarding in your life are waiting for you – simply get rid of the imaginary barriers. Don’t be like the American Investment Banker. (Click here to read the story of the Millionaire and the Fisherman).
Use your answers to the 20-10 test to start living your magic life today. It’s easier than you think!

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