A New Way of Working

Why do some people jump out of bed in the morning and others snooze their alarm ten times?

Why do some people find fulfillment in their jobs and others want to be anywhere but work?

NewWay2Work-actionClip1With Nana Danso’s keynote speech titled, “A New Way of Working”, you will learn how to motivate the most important person when it comes to your working life … yourself.

In this speech, not only will Nana show you how to become satisfied and high performing, he will lead you through the process to get there. You will learn about and then experience powerful steps toward creating job satisfaction and igniting extraordinary performance, regardless of your title, industry, or amount of experience.

Here are a few of the skills you’ll learn to use:

• Reconnect with your authentic motivation

• Instant time-management fixes


• Boredom-busters to make mundane tasks fun


It is time for A New Way of Working

It’s time to get inspired and learn how to achieve genuine fulfillment and remarkable goals.

Best fit audiences:
employees who desire more fulfillment from work or employers who want more productive (and fulfilled) employees. This keynote speech is also perfect for employees who are transitioning into a new role since it provides the tools to make work more enjoyable as well as more productive.

A New Way of Working … Sample Clip !

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