nana engaging an audience

“Nana is an incredibly moving speaker. While many speakers have to “rehearse” to sound warm, empathetic, and caring towards their audience, Nana shines through naturally. Once he begins speaking, you are completely drawn in by his charisma, passion, and sense of humor, as well as his command of the stage. If Nana is speaking, you won’t want to miss it!”

~ Steve Gondek, District 53 Toastmasters

“I have listened to Nana speak for several years, and I’ve witnessed first hand his connection with his audiences. It is true magic. His energy, his message, andt his unique delivery have a powerful effect on audiences.”

~ Marilyn E. Jess, Distinguished Toastmaster,
Professional Speaker and Public Speaking Blogger

“Nana is an extraordinary speaker who will deliver an amazing speech each and every time he takes the stage. Between the stories he tells and the information he provides, you definitely must hire him for your next event!”

~ Dave Wheeler, Founder, WheelDoggy

“I have had the pleasure of hearing a number of speakers over the past 7 years, and Nana Danso is simply one of the Best!!
He has such a natural, comfortable way about him and his presentation is not only engaging, warm and funny, but the material is very relevant and informative. An excellent motivational speaker!.”

~ Tina Garrity, Founder & Facilitator, Madison Happiness Club

“As a speaker, Nana is a fantastic example of energy, passion and is a model presenter from whom we can all learn.”

~ Jeremey Donovan, Group Vice President, Marketing, Gartner, Inc.

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