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Live Your Magic Life

Receive the keys to the magic formula and achieve your life’s goals. The techniques you will pick up are straightforward and will impact your life tremendously.

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A New Way of Working

With Nana Danso’s keynote speech titled, “A New Way of Working”, you will learn how to motivate the most important person when it comes to your working life … yourself.

In this speech, not only will Nana show you how to become satisfied and high performing, he will lead you through the process to get there. You will learn about and then experience powerful steps toward creating job satisfaction and igniting extraordinary performance, regardless of your title, industry, or amount of experience.

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Creating Messages That Stick

Nana Danso has created an incredibly motivating & educational keynote speech that provides the key insights to communication that you need to be successful in today’s informational blizzard.

In this presentation you will receive the tools you need to:
– Create clear and concise messages
– Make your messages memorable & actionable
– Provide only the info that your audience wants

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