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The 3 Ms of Motivation

Why do some people jump out of bed in the morning and others snooze their alarm ten times?

Why do some people find fulfillment in their jobs and others want to be anywhere but work?

Why do some kids do their chores without their parents yelling and screaming and others have to be bribed to pick up after themselves?

It’s all about motivation! For years, we’ve searched for the secrets of motivating:

  • Employees to deliver maximum performance
  • Children to do their homework and chores
  • Husbands to put their dirty clothes in the hamper and not on the floor (this one is more difficult than the other two)
With The 3Ms of Motivation,  you will learn how to motivate the most difficult people.

In this speech you will:

- Receive the tools to motivate anyone, including yourself

- Learn the little known secrets about motivation

- Learn what really drives people to take action

When properly applied, these tools will make a huge difference in your life. They are the same tools that have enabled super star athletes to be successful, overweight people to lose weight and average students to become A students.

This speech is for any audience that wants to be highly motivated and learn how to motivate others.

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