alopecia areata

Smoke and Mirrors


Would you like to:

  • Saw someone in half without inflicting any pain?


  • Levitate ten feet above the ground?


  • Teleport from one corner of the room to the other?

Big stage illusions are full of smoke and mirrors, used for misdirection. Even though the audience knows this, they still choose to suspend their disbelief and enjoy amazing, awe-inspiring magic. The same attitude is possible in the “stage” of life.

In this speech you will:

  • Learn how to use your mind to make any situation positive
  • Learn how to turn adversity into advantage
  • Be inspired to see the magic that is already present in your life
  • See how easy it is to deal with difficult people
  • Become the master magician of your life by using the skills and techniques that magicians use every day to create wonder and mystery

This speech is perfect for high school students who are often under a lot of peer pressure. They need encouragement to be themselves and to get rid of the negative people in their lives.

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